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They are beautiful they are organic!

Hum but at Cousu Bio there are not only organic fabrics ?(It's suspicious !)

We are pleased to announce that our range is expanding! Indeed, in 2021, we have carried out many studies on the carbon footprint of textiles. These studies have gradually led us to rethink our suppliesThe organique is the best label that exists in terms of traceability and organic (and social) manufacturing of natural materials.

But it has its weaknesses. Among others, the carbon footprint of the fabrics because the standard does not take into account the countries of manufacture of the product.

We have therefore decided to expand our range to include non-organic local materials (such as linen, 100% French) or biodegradable artificial materials (such as Tencel, made in Europe).

In order to be totally transparent and not to confuse the consumer, we propose you to browse below our catalog of fabrics benefiting from the Global Organic Textile Standard labelSuggested readingWhat does the organique label guarantee?



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