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Linen straps - Herringbone 25 mm - Made in France

Linen straps - Herringbone 25 mm - Made in France

Straps 100% linen woven in herringbone pattern.
Made in France| Linen from France
For bag handles : tote bag, beach bag, pie bag.
Width 25 mm
Non organic

Cousu Bio unveils its capsule collection of 100% linen, 100% grown between Caen and Amsterdam, woven and ennobled in France, 100% canon, for a carbon footprint at the bottom of the daisies! Contrary to our usual practice, we have voluntarily chosen to offer you a non-organic, non-organique certified fabric. We explain you in a very detailed way the reasons for our choice of production. Let's rediscover the French know-how and the virtuous fibres.

The linen straps

Our linen straps are woven in a herringbone pattern giving a very modern graphic effect.

You can use the straps to sew bag handles

Linen, a fibre that likes to grow on the Channel

Linen is mainly produced along the Channel coast, where the climate is favourable to its cultivation. To produce flax, there is no need for irrigation, and few inputs are used (5 times less than organic cotton).

Flax is also a zero waste plant as it can be used from root to seed.

Our supplier : a historical know-how from the North of France

The Charvet company has been working with linen since the 19th century. Established for more than a century in Armentières, renowned since the Middle Ages as the "city of linen", the companyThe company was specialized in the production of fabrics for sheets, work clothes and cotton outdoor cloths. At the beginning of the 20thcentury, the company diversified its offer thanks to the weaving of flax, a favourite material in Flanders where crops are abundant.

The company employs 46 people.

Geographically, the company is well placed, both by road, rail, waterway and air.

Controlled traceability in the European Union

A European fibre, almost entirely transformed in France

The flax will go through different stages to become fabric:

  • Cultivation (sowing, flowering, harvesting): France, Belgium

  • Scutching (extraction of the fibre from its husk) and combing: France, Belgium

  • Spinning (wet or dry depending on the type of fabric required):Spain

  • Weaving: France near Lille

The choice of proximity: Reduce your carbon impact

By choosing local rather than organic, it seemed important to us to calculate the environmental impact of the creation of this fabric. According to our calculations (which you will find in detail on our blog post), one kilo of fabric generates the equivalent of 1.83kg of CO2.For comparison, this is 4 times less than a French linen spun in China and woven in France (which is the most common scenario for French linen fabrics).


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Bonne tenue



25 mm


100% linen



Carbon footprint ranking

1 > 4,5 kgCO2eq / kg end product

Touch feeling


Carbon footprint in kgCO2eq / kg of end product







Lin Francais

It is recommended to wash fabrics before sewing


Tumble dryer allowed


Washing machine, up to 40°c



Weaving / Knitting




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