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Jute canvas - Tiles - Made in France - 350gr/m²

Jute canvas - Tiles - Made in France - 350gr/m²

100% jute canvas fabric
Woven in France
Low carbon emission
Non organic
350 gr/m² | Width 150 cm
For accessories, bags, decoration

Jute canvas fabric is a very resistant and rustic fabric. It is part of a natural trend for your decoration projects, bags and accessories.

Our hessian is undyed and unbleached and sewn with lines of white dyed thread to create 10 x 10 cm squares.

What projects can I do with burlap?

Our thick jute (350g/m²) is ideal for making bag round, tote, bulk... but also for accessories (planters and small baskets) as well as for home home textiles such as placemats, rugs, cushions, lamp shades and cane-style decoration projects.

Inspiration5 ideas to sew with jute canvas fabric

Jute fabric, environmentally friendly from seed to fabric

Jute is a tropical plant from which jute fibre is extracted. Jute fibre is a natural fibre woven mechanically without the addition of polluting products.

Jute is grown in a warm and humid climate and on alluvial or sandy-clay soil. Thus jute is mainly cultivated in India and Bangladesh.

To grow, jute does not need fertilizers or pesticides to grow.. Like flax.

When grown in rotation, jute naturally enhances the fertility and productivity of the cultivated land.

It grows naturally in areas of abundant rainfall, thus avoiding irrigation.

The spinning process is done "dry", that is to say, it is not necessary to use water and this gives it its authentic appearance.

The creation of jute fibre is therefore less water intensive and its production is more ecological than that of cotton.

Traceability: woven by the last French jute weaver

Our jute fabric is grown and spun in Bangladesh and woven by Tissage du Ronchay. Based in Normandy and specializing in upholstery fabric, the family business works only with natural materials to make fabrics. Tissage du Ronchay is the last weaver to weave jute in France. We are happy to collaborate with a French company in order to value and relocalize textile know-how.

A non-organique certified fabric but with a better environmental impact than cotton

Our jute fabric, like our French linen collection, is not organique certified.

Why not? Because it is very difficult to find this fiber in the organique circuit. As a reminder, for a fabric to be organique certified, the companies involved in each stage of its creation must be certified, from the spinner to the distributor.

We still want to offer you this material because its carbon footprint is close to that of linen fabric made in France and much better than that of cotton! According to our calculations which take into account all the stages of production as well as the transport to our workshop,

  • 1 kilo woven represents the equivalent of 2.59 kg of CO2.
  • In comparison,1 kilo of our authentic French linen fabric from the same supplier has a carbon intensity equivalent to 1.95 kg.
  • For 1 kilo of undyed unbleached organique cotton fabric grown in Turkey and made in Portugal it is 4.11 kgCO2eq.

So you can understand why, even if it is not organic, we consider that it remains a good fabric for the planet thanks to its lower environmental impact and its cultivation without irrigation, pesticides and fertilizers.

What maintenance for the jute fabric ?

The jute fabric we offer is prepared to offer the best quality to your creations and intended for accessories or decoration.

Therefore, it is not recommended to wash the jute fabric.

Stain treatment:

  • If your fabric has a moisture stain, you can soak your item in water overnight to harmonize its appearance.
  • In case of oil or grease stains, use terre de Sommières which is a very effective natural stain remover.

Besson Przybylski

Toile de jute de bonne qualité.




Belle qualité, et odeur naturelle




super intention d'achat


150 cm


100% jute


350 gsm



Carbon footprint ranking

1 > 4,5 kgCO2eq / kg end product

Touch feeling


Carbon footprint in kgCO2eq / kg of end product








It is recommended to wash fabrics before sewing


Tumble dryer not recommanded


Hand wash only



Weaving / Knitting






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